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About Nutrousa

Nutrousa is committed to providing the finest quality, all natural, Detox, Wellness, & Restoration products all made in the USA. Nutrousa Health and Wellness is owned and operated by Oriana Distribution.

We’re committed to developing products that can make an impact on serious health issues we adults and children face everyday.  We’re also passionate about creating & distributing all-natural products that help you and your family Live More Life.

Some of our product are cutting edge and some have been around for over 50 years.  To ensure the highest quality and purity, All brand name products are produced in Southern California, USA in an FDA approved facility with a “Good Manufacturing Practice” seal.

Our Philosophy

We believe strongly there needs to be more natural products available today  that can potentially aid in a families long term wellness & health.  Many of these products have been around for years but because they cannot be patented and controlled by big Pharma, they’ve been marginalized or false information has most likely been provided to the public.

Customer education is another factor that we believe is paramount in making the right decisions about you and your families health.  We put together a wide array of educational videos discussing topics exposing you to the alternative options that have virtually no side effects and are not drugs.

With the help of some amazing pharmacists, compounders, chemists, product manufacturers, and practitioners, Nutrousa will be launching several innovative, all natural products over the next few years.

Why You Can Trust Nutrousa

Natural Quality

Nutrousa products are uniquely formulated with no fillers or dyes and contain mostly natural ingredients.

  • No Animal Testing
  • All Products Made in the USA
  • No Drugs or toxic ingredients
  • All Nutrousa products Guaranteed
  • Unique Formulas proven in years of Use
  • Most Products safe for all ages
  • Helps You & Your Family live more life
  • Free Shipping and no hidden charges
  • Manufactured in FDA registered facilities
  • Clinician & Practitioner development team
  • How to use Videos
  • Clinical Documents Available

Proven Products

Developed & Prescribed for years by world renown Pharmacists, Chiropractors & MD’s.

When you look at natural based products, you want for efficacy in manufacturing along with the performance of the products.  All products that we distribute come from FDA approved manufacturing facilities all located in the United States.

We take pride our in-house and distributed products have never been tested on lab animals and we will not carry any products that do animal lab testing. We don’t carry your everyday health and wellness products, these formulas have been selected for their effectiveness and purity along with our mission to have our customers ultimately, “Live More Life”.

We’ll continue to add to our online store and if you have suggestions for natural based unique products we’d love to hear from you.  Please email us at